ASSA OEM offers a complete range of fittings solutions for windows and doors.

With extensive product knowledge and flexible production, we produce customer specific solutions as well as standard solutions. 

Learn about our different solutions

General Security

ASSA OEM offers a broad program that satisfies the need for locking in a broad variety.

Increased Home Security

ASSA security solutions for private homes är adapted for a wide range of environments which includes everything from apartments to individual villas.

Child safety

Each year 62000 children aged 0 to 6 years are cared for in emergency rooms after being injured in accidents. The vast majority of accidents take place at home...


Our wide range of high security locks for secure storage units are characterized by high security, ease of use and flexibility.

Sport and Leisure

ASSA cabinet locks gives you more flexibility in the administration of the lockers in your sport and leisure complex.