ASSA OEM Customer Service, Gothenburg

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Window and Door

The Customer Service for products regarding Windows and Doors can be found in Gothenburg. Our contact information can be found by scrolling down on this page.

The ASSA OEM customer service in Gothenburg will help you with questions regarding:

  • Window, glazed door locks and fittings
  • Multi point locks
  • Garage door fittings
  • Door locks, fittings and leverlocks 

including door lock cases, hinges and strikes, Boda locks and FAS locks amongst other things.

Customer Service, Gothenburg

E-mail, Customer service:

E-mail, Order:
(Note: Orders only!)

SB, Phone:

+46 (0)771-888 008


Caroline Karlsson
Claims (windows and doors),

E-mail: Caroline Karlsson

Ann-Christin Andréasson
Order, inquiries placed orders
E-mail: Ann-Christin Andréasson

Carina Hansson
Order, advice
E-mail: Carina Hansson


Carina Claesson
Invoicing, transport
E-mail: Carina Claesson

Bojan Milojevic


E-mail: Bojan Milojevic


Eva Johansson
E-mail: Eva Johansson

Ulrika Brink


E-mail: Ulrika Brink

Alaudin Hisenaj


E-mail: Alaudin Hisenaj




Door products

Ola Lund
Phone +46 (0)704 40 02
E-mail: Ola Lund

Magnus Larsson

Phone +46 (0)31-704 40 53 
E-mail: Magnus Larsson


Maria Nilsson
Customer Service Manager
Phone +46 (0)31-704 40 59
E-mail: Maria Nilsson