Environment and quality

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An eco-friendly and energy efficient company

Our environmental efforts flow through the entire operation, from developing environmental and allergy-friendly products to becoming a climate and energy efficient company.

Lower electricity and water consumption does not only decrease company costs, it also provides a competitive advantage. This was the objective by starting the project "Environmental Efficient companies” for ASSA OEM AB and ASSA AB in 2009. The goal was to reduce consumption by 30%, ASSA OEM AB and ASSA AB managed to achieve a reduction of 32%.

What have we done to achieve this?

By gradually introducing twilight switch and lighting control the premises, reducing the number of fixtures or fluorescent lights, use CFLs, and use timers in the production, we reduced our electricity consumption. We also use an earlier installed Duc-controlled ventilation, which means energy and cost savings. Nowadays engine heaters to our cars are programmed and only activated when needed, instead of being on all days around. Our water has been reduced by the use of water flow control and we have trained staff in the coating, which has resulted in a reduction by 93 000 cubic meters. Since 1988, we heat the cold water with waste heat from our compressors, which today cover 98% of our hot water need.

What happens next?

We will continue with presence and lighting control in particular in conference rooms, corridors and stairwells and also in the workshops. We will follow the development of solar cells and heat pumps to find solutions that make us more self-sufficient in heating and energy. An additional objective is to find other areas where we can use our waste heat from the compressors.